What You Should Know About Linear Scars

A linear scar is the line that a suture leaves in the skin after the healing process is complete. They are a natural byproduct of any sort of surgery or skin work, and with care and attention, they can be minimized to near-invisibility. This video discusses the issue of linear scarring after hair transplantation and hair graft. As you can see, the problem is well-known and eminently solvable.

What is a Linear Scar?

It is a small straight scar that forms after the skin is sutured back together in a surgical setting. The extreme care and caution that surrounds surgery and modern medical after-care mean that these scars are extremely small and difficult to see.

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They are so small that hair will often grow through the scar tissue itself.

What Does Linear Scarring Mean to Me?

For the vast majority of hair graft recipients, the answer is “Nothing.” Linear scars from hair transplants are a known issue that has been thoroughly examined and conscientiously treated for generations. The scars will be minuscule, scarcely notable even to the trained eye.

Modern hair grafts leave such tiny scars that their recipients can even shave their heads without the scars being immediately noticable. Don’t let the stories of yesterday stop you if you want to get hair transplants. Visible scars have receded into the land of myth, and you do whatever grafting you want without any concern.

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