Tips for Performing Arts School Auditions

Have you cultivated an artistic talent over the years? Are you thinking about auditioning for a performing arts school? The video is narrated by someone who has recently been through the process and she gives a few helpful tips and insights that can help.

The first tip is to be professional. This word means different things in different contexts, but in this instance, what the narrator is referring to is your general attitude before, during, and after the audition.

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Assume that the evaluators are always watching and always have a positive and upbeat demeanor, even when you are not on stage.

Second, make sure you are prepared. You are auditioning for a performing arts school, so the evaluators expect you to perform perfectly. If you are auditioning as a singer, ensure you hit the right pitch at the right time. If your talent is acting, know your lines.

Third, keep your nerves in check. You may feel anxious, but you must still perform like a professional. The people evaluating you will expect you to compartmentalize all your anxiety and get on with the show. You should arrive early for the audition so that you have time to calm yourself and settle down. These are some of the best tips for a successful audition.


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