Your Guide to Title Companies and How They Help You

A title company is one of the third parties you’ll work with when buying or selling a home. It facilitates the transaction, working independently of the buyer and seller. The video explores the functions of title companies and how they can help you.

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First, the company verifies legal ownership of the property. It ascertains the seller is the actual owner and can legally sell the property. It also checks the liens such as mortgage and tax and ensures they are paid. Essentially, the company conducts a title search by examining public records like deeds, mortgages, and tax records. It reviews the property’s ownership chain to uncover potential problems like boundary claims, undisclosed liens, or legal claims against the property.

After checking ownership, liens, and judgments, the title company issues you a title insurance policy. The aim is to insure the buyer against a fault in ownership and missed liens. Typically, you are insured up to the purchase price of the property.

Moreover, they pay off the debts, taxes, liens, and mortgages before handing the property to the buyers. Lastly, they ensure the seller gets paid. Well, there is no transaction if you don’t pay the seller, right? The title company ensures the buyer and seller sign the documents. The title company gives you peace of mind by providing title service and ensuring the sale process is flawless.


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